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With the new Yulin production baes ,YUCHAI has been making a large step in surpassing itself. The modern factory is integrated with manufacture, r&d, training and management, which are the key support for YUCHAI`s modernization and internationalization.

Metalwork shop
Assembly shop
Coating shop
Testing shop

Mentalwork shop
Mental work shop is responsible for blanking, shopping, welding and machined working procedure, CNC Flame Cutting line, twin-spindle plano milling machining center, CNC Hydraulic turret Punch, CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, CNC Vertical Machining Center and automatic welding accessorial equipment are adopted widely, The whole procedure could be done on line, which improves parts quality greatly.

This base is located in the industries concentration zone, in the north of Luchuan, Yulin, Guangxi province. Covering an area of 427, 000 square meters, this base has 700 sets of main production equipment and modern steel-structure workshops. It is the major small-size excavator export base in China, and is the domestic excavator manufacturer with the most complete product type spectrum. This base is mainly responsible for the production, research and development of small and medium-sized excavators. The production workshops include assembly workshop, metalworking workshop, painting workshop and testing workshop. The annual production capacity is 12, 000 sets. In order to improve quality and production capability, this base imported large processing equipment from Germany, Japan and other countries, and also introduced the most advanced equipment from domestic suppliers.

This eastern base of Yuchai Heavy Industry (including two companies in Changzhou) was officially established in Wujin High-Tech Zone on June 2, 2010. It covers an area of 374, 200 square meters, and is the core backbone for future development of Yuchai Heavy Industry. Changzhou Heavy Industry Production Base is mainly responsible for the production, research and development of medium and large-size excavators; Changzhou Pile-Driving Production Base is mainly responsible for the production, research and development of various types of rotary drilling machines and diaphragm wall grab. The factory has the processing, assembling and product testing abilities. When the first phase of the factory is completed, its annual production capacity was 5, 000 sets, and this figure reaches 14, 000 sets after the second phase is completed. By 2015, the annual production capacity will reach 32, 000 sets.

Yuchai Heavy Industry signed a Framework Agreement on Mergers and Acquisitions with Sichuan Bonny Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd in Luzhou on July 17, 2010, which indicates the establishment of Yuchai Heavy Industry’s western base and the realization of its strategic measure — national layout. Sichuan Bonny Limited Liability Company has 45 years experience in manufacturing excavator, material grabber, wood grabber, and steel grabber. It is one of the 500 biggest machinery industry enterprises in China. The excavators and other construction machinery products manufactured by Bonny are characterized by high technology and high performance-cost ratio, winning itself a high reputation in China. Currently, it is the only one domestic manufacturer who is able to develop and produce the whole series of 40 to 220-ton hydraulic excavators (electric hydraulic excavator, diesel hydraulic excavator, front-shovel hydraulic excavator and back-shovel hydraulic excavator), steel grabbers, and material grabbers. At present Yuchai Heavy Industry are investing 4 billion Yuan in the construction of a new factory for Bonny, which will increase the area of Bonny from 240, 000 square meters to 400, 000square meters. When the new factory is completely finished and put into operation, the annual production capacity will be 5, 000 sets of excavators and 400 sets of steel grabbers and materials grabbers.

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